March 22, 2016

Proclamation To The Indian Nation

MANY years have passed in our country where the Indian people, blinded by promises by politicians at home and abroad, lost touch with honor and freedom, thereby losing almost everything. In these days of treachery, even God seems to have withheld his blessing from our people. Dissension and hatred has descended upon us. With profound distress millions of the best Indian men and women from all walks of life have seen the unity of the nation vanishing away, dissolving in a confusion of political and personal opinions, economic interests, and ideological differences. In these days, as so often in the past, India has presented a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We never received the equality and fraternity we had been promised, and we lost our liberty day-after-day. For when our nation has lost its political focus in the world, it soon loses its unity of spirit and will-power.

We are firmly convinced that the Indian nation entered the fight for freedom and filled only with the desire to liberate the Motherland which had been occupied and to gain the freedom; the very existence, of the Indian people. This being so, we can only see in the disastrous fate which has overtaken us since those days of 1947; the result of the collapse of our political principles at home. But the rest of the world, too, has suffered no less since then from overwhelming crises. The balance of power which had evolved in the course of history, and which formerly played no small part in bringing about the understanding of the necessity for an internal strength of the nations, with all its advantages for trade and commerce, has been set on one side. The insane conception of political victory at any cost has destroyed the confidence existing between the people and the government, and, at the same time, the industry of the entire Nation.

The misery of our people is horrible! Millions of trained workers are unemployed and impoverished; the whole of the middle class and the small artisans are starving. As this collapse finally reaches all the Indian farmers, we are faced with an immeasurable disaster. For then not only shall a nation collapse, but a ten-thousand-year-old inheritance, some of the loftiest products of human culture and civilization will also be lost.

All about us the warning signs of this collapse are apparent. Socialism, with its method of madness is making a powerful and insidious attack upon our dismayed and shattered nation. It seeks to poison and disrupt in order to hurl our society into complete chaos. This negative, destroying spirit spares nothing of all that is highest and most valuable. Beginning with the family, it has undermined the very foundations of morality and faith and scoffs at culture and business, nation and Matrubhoomi, justice and honor. Years of Socialism have ruined India. The richest and most beautiful land of the world is being turned into a heap of ruins. Even the sufferings of the last decade and a half could not be compared to the misery of our nation in the heart of which the various flags of destruction are being hoisted. The thousands of wounded, the hundreds of dead that has already cost India should be a warning of the destructive storm which will come.

In these hours, when our hearts are troubled about the life and the future of the Indian nation, the youth of the Nation are appealing to us. They call to those of us in nationalist parties and social organizations to struggle once more, in unity and loyalty, for the salvation of the Indian nation.

This time the fight is in our home. And as leaders of the nation and the national government we must vow to God, to our conscience, and to our people that we will faithfully and resolutely fulfill the task conferred upon us.

The inheritance which has fallen to us is a terrible one. The task with which we are faced is the hardest which has fallen to Indian leaders within the memory of this generation. But we are all filled with unbounded confidence for we believe in our people and our cultural virtues. Every class and every individual must help us to form the nation of Hindustan.

Our National Government is already regarding as it’s first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and co-operation. It is working hard to preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Nationalism as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.
Turbulent self interests are being replaced by national discipline as the guiding principle of our social and civil life. All those institutions which are the strongholds of the energy and vitality of our nation are slowly being taken under the special care of our Central Government.

The National Government should continue its intend to solve the problem of the reorganization of the Nation with two five-year periods:

  1. The Indian farmer must be rescued in order that the nation may be supplied with the necessities of life.

2. A concerted and all-embracing focus must be made on                         developing the industry so that unemployment is reduced and the Indian working class saved from ruin.

In the last 20 years our politicians have created an army of millions of unemployed. The National Government must, with iron determination and unshakable steadfastness of purpose, put through the following plan:

1) Full benefits to the farmers by supply of power, water resources, market rates for the farm products and infrastructure development.
2) Fast track approvals for small and medium business enterprises (SME), using the one- window theory of administration.
3) Tax holidays of 10 years to SME in rural zones.
4) Zero customs duty for import of plant & machinery for manufacturing.
5) Compulsory labor-service and the back-to-the-land policy should be two of the basic principles of this program.
6) The securing of the necessities of life will include the performance of social duties to the sick, the aged and the handicapped.

In an economical administration, with the promotion of employment, the preservation of the farms, as well as in the sponsoring of individual initiative, we see the best guarantee for a stable currency in our Nation.

As regards its foreign policy we must consider it our highest duty to secure the right to live without fear and the restoration of full freedom to our people. Our determination to bring to an end the chaotic state of affairs in India will assist in the restoration to the community of equal value and, above all, a State which must grant equal rights to all. May the good will of others assist us in this fulfillment of this our earnest wish for the welfare of India.

If, however, India is to experience this political and economic revival and conscientiously fulfill her duties toward the other nations, one decisive step is absolutely necessary first: the overcoming of the destroying menace of Socialism in India. We must understand the responsibility of the people for the restoration of orderly life in our nation and for the elimination of class madness and class struggle. We must recognize no classes, we must see only the Indian people; millions of farmers, workers, and entrepreneurs who will either overcome together the difficulties of these times or be overcome by disasters of Time. We must be firmly resolved and we must take this as our oath. Since the present Government is incapable of lending support to this work, we ask the Indian people to perform the task themselves.

Unity is our tool. Therefore we now appeal to the Indian people to support this reconciliation. Our Nation’s people wish to work and they will work. We must be determined to make well in five years the ills of many years. But this work of reconstruction cannot be dependent upon the approval of those who created destruction. The Socialist – Marxist parties and their lackeys have had many years to show what they can do. The result is a ruin of our Nation.

Now, people of India, give yourself five years and then pass judgment upon this Nation. In accordance with our “dharma” we must begin now. May God Almighty give our work His blessing and strengthen our purpose, and endow us with wisdom and the trust of our people, for we are fighting not for ourselves but for Bharat Rashtra.


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