First Access Tactical Solutions

F.A.T.S provides cutting edge technology and Tech-Solutions to the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Forces.

F.A.T.S offers specialist services in:

  1. Surveillance systems with in-house software for facial Identification, Iris scan identification and voice identification.
  2. Bio-metric based Access Control systems – to include face recognition, iris-scan, palm print, gait- recognition features.
  3. Firearms Training: From firing range to kill- house, our training programs feature psychological, emotional and physical training components to achieve comprehensive training in controlled use of lethal force; whether in the line-of-fire as an Individual or a Squad. (IETS to SETS).
  4. Force Projection & Authority Impression Tactics and Methodology for Police personnel, to assure non-violent first response to emergency situations.
  5. Escalation of Force Psychology from Dialogue to Deadly Force – (EFP-D2DF) seminars, workshops and training courses.