A Cultural Preparation for:

  • Expat Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, Other Business persons Interacting & Working with Indian Business Partners, Joint-Ventures, Subsidiaries or Outsourcing of Projects –


  • Indian Managers wishing to do business in USA and Middle East.

India is one of the fastest growing markets in the World, with many US / European companies setting up operations or Joint ventures in India. Any US – Indian collaboration is not always easy, and in some cases difficult; not only because of the lack of knowledge of the Indian markets but also the lack of understanding & awareness of the Indian management culture.

Through these Seminars, we will make you aware of the cultural differences between the US & India, as well as the Indian mentality & thought process. This will open up your perspectives to the complexity of the Indian cultures and enable you to build your own analysis of the various difficult situations; giving you higher comfort levels with your Indian colleagues and assurance of better communications to achieve your goals within time & within budget. 

In these seminars, we will cover the basic knowledge of Indian cultures, the working methods in India and the mentality that Indians use in the business world. Our focus is on understanding & adapting, with the right communication skills.

The Program:

  • Inter cultural Training (2) days for Expats and Foreigners
  • Team building techniques
  • Leadership Training for Indian management teams
  • Intercultural Consulting
  • Intercultural Training (2) days for Indian Managers

Subjects under discussion:

  • Overview about India; facts, figures, politics, history, religion, economics.
  • Classical prejudices, stereotypes & reality.
  • Planning & decision making the Indian way
  • Leadership & motivations, the Indian way
  • Guiding Projects
  • Hierarchy & power status in India
  • Understanding Hierarchy & Bureaucracy
  • Attitude conflicts & feed-back
  • Communicating without losing your temper
  • Telephone, Conference calling & email contact
  • How to agree on assignments, goals & getting results
  • Quality expectations, the Indian way v/s Western way
  • Understanding Time, the Indian way v/s Western way
  • Conducting negotiations in India / with Indians
  • Overcoming the cultural divide
  • Understanding the traps & fault lines
  • How do Indians look at the expats and vice – versa
  • Coping with cultural shock & adjustment
  • Do’s & don’ts in India
  • Tips for daily life in India with minimal frustrations
  • Similar tips for efficient planning of business and success in USA and Middle-East.